Quality in the vineyards

Quality in the vineyards

Obtaining healthy mature grapes, of great quality, to produce great wines.

Knowing that great wines are a result of high quality cultivation, wine producers in Saint-Emilion spare no effort, using vine-tending practices whose efficiency has been proved by long experience. Their ever-growing knowledge of the vine, its development and flourishing allows our winemakers to produce healthy, ripe grapes, of impeccable quality, fundamental to the production of great wines.

Ensuring the quality of the harvest

All year round the winemakers work tirelessly in the vineyards, encouraging the ripening of grapes, controlling the volumes produced and ensuring the quality of the harvest. In particular this means controlling yields, using the Guyot system for pruning and removing excess buds and leaves from the vines. Thanks to a better understanding of pests and pest control products, we can protect the health of the vines in an environmentally responsible manner. Practising leaf removal has a positive effect on grape development, ensuring that the bunches are in good health and the skins are allowed to reach peak maturity, thus producing more aromatic and harmonious wines. Soil is also of great importance in wine quality, so techniques such as ploughing, weeding and gentle grafting methods will help to improve the soil’s wine-producing potential, and will therefore have a positive influence on the quality of grape.

Grape harvesting

Grape harvesting takes place when optimal ripeness is reached; the grapes are brought in to the winery very carefully.  Only the highest quality grapes are harvested, and the fruit is usually sorted in the vineyard or upon arrival at the winery to remove damaged grapes or plant debris. The winemakers’ hard work in the vineyards is thus continued in the careful handling of harvests, using only the best equipment (de-stemmers, strainers, pumps, etc...), to eliminate the risk of oxidation and damaging the grapes.

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