Recognizing a fine Saint-Emilion wine

Recognizing a fine Saint-Emilion wine

To produce a fine wine, first you need a superb terroir and a passionate and an experimenting winemaker.

Only under those conditions you get a perfect balance in the glass. A juggling art mastered for many generations, in the Saint-Emilion appellations.

What’s a Saint-Emilion fine wine?

Tasting is obviously a suggestive delight but the Saint-Emilion fine wines are recognizable without fail. Thanks to what? Their perfect balance. In the mouth, the wine enthusiast should find a harmony between the three tasting characteristics, which are alcohol, acidity, and tannins. A fine wine can be spotted with this subtle balance. Nothing predominates, everything blends together. Added to this are a good finish, a beautiful aromatic persistence and an interesting keeping potential. This is what makes a fine wine.

A fine terroir for fine Saint-Emilion wines

A fine wine takes birth on a fine terroir. This “terroir” concept goes further than just the choice of the land. It not only integrates the soil conditions, the surrounding hills but also the climate and biodiversity. Between plateau and valleys, the Saint-Emilion appellations offer a patchwork of unique terroirs. However, the terroir does not do it all. The Saint-Emilion region benefits from a microclimate highly suitable to the vine, and the ever-changing weather year on year also has an impact on the grapes. Humid Spring? Hot Summer? Its the millésime effect. Each year, the winemaker must listen to nature to produce a fine wine.

Le savoir-faire des vignerons de Saint-Emilion

Obviously, no fine wine goes without a fine winemaker! Their know-how above all consists of harvesting fully matured grapes. It’s the first condition to get delicate aromas, an ideal structure and smooth tannins. Throughout the aging and breeding processes, the winemaker must then let their experience do the talking. They should be able to measure out and taste at each stage to bring a fine wine to your table. Producing a Saint-Emilion fine wine, it’s simply…very complex.

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