How long will an opened bottle of Saint-Emilion keep?

How long will an opened bottle of Saint-Emilion keep?

You opened a bottle of Saint-Emilion but you have not finished it. How to preserve all the qualities of your wine?

Here are all the tricks!

Protect the wine from oxygen

Why does a wine have a short life after the bottle is opened? Because when the wine comes in contact with air, it oxidizes and ages faster. It is considered that the wine keeps for 36 hours without special protection after opening. All wines are not equal when it comes to oxidation. Younger wines with good aging potential are resilient. More matured wines are less tolerant. To keep your wine for up to 36 hours, replace the cork and store in the fridge. The cold will slow the process. Be careful though, bring it up to 18 ° C before serving.

Keeping wine beyond 36 hours

Want to keep your wine for more than 36 hours after its opening? Several possibilities exist. The simplest and cheapest is to use a wine pump. This system allows you to evacuate the air from the bottle easily. The wine keeps for three days. Considerably more expensive, the use of conservation under nitrogen is also very effective. A neutral gas, heavier than air, is injected into the bottle where it forms a protective layer between the wine and the oxygen in the air. Your Saint-Emilion wine retains all its qualities for up to three weeks.

And you, have you tried the conservation under nitrogen?

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