The Saint-Emilion wines can also be dessert wines: we prove it with these delicious recipes.

Blackcurrant panna cotta verrines

The blackcurrant coulis will marry pleasantly with a glass of Saint-Emilion wine.
Verrines de panna cotta de cassis

Charlotte strawberry shortcake

A dessert to accompany with a glass of Saint-Emilion appellations wine.
Charlotte aux fraises

Almond, honey and nougat tiramisu

The almond, honey and nougat tiramisu is the ultimate gourmet dessert. Easy to make, cooking-free, it is perfect at the end of a meal with Saint-Emilion wines.
Almond, honey and nougat tiramisu

Hazelnut and chocolate macaroons

Here, the bitterness of the chocolate and the subtle taste of the hazelnut will bring out the aromatic character of the Saint-Émilion wines.
Macarons noisette et chocolat

Blueberry turnover

An indulgent dessert recipe which fruity flavors resonate with those of the Saint-Emilion wines.
Chausson aux myrtilles