2014 vintage

2014 vintage

Their promising outlook is confirmed

The first tastings describe the 2014 wines as being round, well- balanced, very charming with smoothness and an unaggressive tannic structure. The lovely Cabernets impart richness and fruit together with the softness and finesse of the Merlots. These delicate wines gain power and finesse from the well dosed and skillfully mastered barrel ageing. Great success stories on the horizon for this eagerly awaited vintage.

Looking back a little, all took place normally up until the month of July with its panoply of unforeseen events, hopes and stresses... The rainy month of August gave way to numerous worries that were dissipated by an ideal month of September. The heat, the absence of rain and the cool nights not only allowed the grapes to ripen in optimal conditions but equally permitted the winegrowers to harvest at the best moment, starting from the 20th of September. The grape harvest was spread over approximately 3 weeks.

A few highlights of the 2014 weather conditions and their consequences:

  • The flowering, that began at the end of May on early ripening terroirs, was rapid and homogenous. It continued until the 12th of June and took place under hot and relatively dry conditions
  • The month of July was wet with heat peaks and stormy weather, at times accompanied by hail. The resulting effect was an active vine growth and a swelling of the berries but above all a constant vigilance on behalf of the winegrowers to avoid cryptogamic (mushroom-based) diseases throughout the complete growing season.
  • The veraison lasted from the end of July until the 20th of August, as a result of the wet conditions at the beginning of August.
  • The good weather at the end of the month of August stopped the vine-growth and permitted a more rapid and complete maturity of the grapes. The temperature variations between day and night favored the concentration and the preservation of the aromas in the grape skins.
  • The grape harvest that began on the 20th of September went up until the 10th of October under hot and dry conditions.

The winegrowers of Saint-Emilion-Pomerol-Fronsac, who consistently seek optimal quality, undertook important vineyard work during the month of August (Green harvesting, leaf thinning....etc). This work was rewarded by the weather conditions of the month of September. The indispensable grape sorting during the harvest in the vines and/ or the cellar permitted vatting with healthy and ripe grapes.

  • A few salient points of this vintage:

  • The yields were generally good, around the average for the decade. •The grapes were picked in a very healthy state due to the magnificent months of September and October
  • The fruity character of the wines, enhanced by the ageing, is very pleasant, clean and with good intensity.
  • The alcohol content of the Merlots and the Cabernets were good, between 12% and 13% by volume. The malo-lactic fermentations occured earlier than usual. The barrel fillings were undertaken before the end of 2014 and the wines, after 3 to 4 months, show an admirable integration and smoothness.
  • A fresh mouthfeel thanks to proper acidity that integrates with the ageing and produces aromatic persistence to the wines.

This 2014 vintage, although surprising by its weather conditions, gave birth to wines that invite you to discover them. Their considerable increase in quality during ageing is proof of this.

The tasting of these 2014 wines shows ample fruit without any heaviness or rough tannins. They are crafted on refined, fresh and well integrated tannins, a lovely fruit core and will reveal themselves with ageing.

Quality and drinking pleasure in the glass.