Hugh Coltman at the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival: “I’ll come back!”

Hugh Coltman at the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival: “I’ll come back!”

For his first performance in Saint-Emilion, the jazz singer Hugh Coltman emerged delighted with his show but especially with the reception.

The English dandy, Hugh Coltman, came to this 5th edition of the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival (July 22 to 24, 2016) to present the project "Europa Express”, created by Jean-Pierre Como.

The Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival: "a festival in rhythm with the town"

The first notes of the concert are launched, the first chords rise in the vaulted Dominicans Hall and it is with emotion that the voice of Hugh Coltman takes ownership of the site.

"It's a place where voices can ring without instruments." Yet it is accompanied by the voice of Walter Ricci, Louis Winsberg’s guitar, Jean-Pierre Como’s piano, Jérôme Regard’s bass and double bass, Stephane Guillaume’s saxophone and Stephane Huchard’s battery, that they conquered the audience.

"It's not easy to hear saxophone or piano solos. Any instrument in fact. And I felt a patience, a real listening by the audience in the quiet moments but also a pleasure when it was a bit more energetic. In fact, I simply felt as if the audience was with us! "

Hugh Coltman

To Hugh Coltman, the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival is "a festival that is in rhythm with the town." And the intimacy of the Dominicans Hall has something to do with it.

"When you come play in a place like this, you want to play as people live in the town. The way music is presented here goes with the rest of the Saint-Emilion region: a fabulous welcoming, where nothing is excessive. That's what I like. "

Hugh Coltman

The wines of Saint-Emilion have conquered the heart of the singer

The Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival was an opportunity for the British singer to come to Saint-Emilion for the first time. "Of course I had heard of it before, but I never had the chance to come. And it is especially the welcoming that marked me. " A welcoming worthy of the expertise of the winemakers of Saint-Emilion. "The fact that the winemakers participate in the Festival, I find it quite rare. I found an abnegation of ego, which I think is fabulous. "

This wine lover has been learning about the subtlety of wine tasting and winemaking for 5 years. Quickly, he saw a direct parallel to music.

"We do the same job. With music we work with chords, with wind instruments, we work with our hands. Myself, it is with the voice, but it's a physical job, as for winemakers. It is a basic work, very organic. "

Hugh Coltman

After a few days in Saint-Emilion, the English singer promises "Yes, I will come back! "

See you in July 2017 for the next edition of the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival.

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