"Saint-Emilion wine, everyone has some in their cellar! “

The Saint-Emilion wines were the guests of honor at the 2016 Guebwiller Wine Fair.

In Alsace, Guebwiller Fair is a real institution. On Ascension Thursday, locals and tourists go there to taste the latest vintage. For this meeting of good wines lovers, it was an honor for Francis Kleitz, mayor of Guebwiller, to welcome the Saint-Emilion wines.

The Saint-Emilion Wine Truck, star of Guebwiller

Thousands of visitors strolled on the small square of the Guebwiller Town Hall for the Wine Fair. This Alsacien tradition, "it's like the national holiday or Christmas time. We highlight our rich wine heritage", says Francis Kleitz, mayor of Guebwiller. For this 67th edition of the fair, the truck in the colors of Saint-Émilion set itself up among the thirty winegrowers from the wine sub-region of Guebwiller. As with every stop of the Saint-Emilion Wine Trip, the public could taste 16 wines from the Saint-Emilion appellations.

"We are very proud to have received this symbol of French viticulture. Overseas, Saint-Emilion is more renowned than Alsace wines and I think it is a special attraction at this edition of the Guebwiller wine fair".

Francis Kleitz, mayor of Guebwiller

Inducted into the Jurade de Saint-Emilion

Francis Kleitz is a connoisseur of Saint-Emilion wines. He also has "a well-stocked cellar" with Saint-Emilion wines and Grands Crus classés. On the Ascension Thursday, 2016, the mayor of Guebwiller was rewarded for his passion. The Jurade de Saint-Emilion inducted him into its ranks and has made him a new ambassador. After the ceremony, the mayor of Guebwiller proudly wore his stash pinned to the shoulder.

"I have a special attachment to the Saint-Emilion region. It is always a pride to mention a brotherhood which one belongs to. As mayor, I will strive to represent this great symbol of our land!"

Francis Kleitz, mayor of Guebwiller

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