"A lighthouse in the middle of the Bordeaux Ocean"

"A lighthouse" is what the Saint-Émilion wines are to Christophe Wenck, an Alsacien wine merchant in downtown Guebwiller.

Christophe Wenck cannot imagine his cellar without a selection of Saint-Emilion wines. Therefore, he volunteered to be a partner of the Saint-Emilion wines, guests of honor at the 67th Guebwiller Wine Fair, one of the 17 stops of the Saint-Emilion Wine Trip.

Saint-Emilion wines, a benchmark

Christophe Wenck is convinced: Saint-Emilion wines are a benchmark of quality in the wine world. For wine merchant, it is above all "an appellation which cannot be missed. It comforts the customers, it is a must when you want a gift for someone". Red apron in the colors of Saint-Émilion around the waist, the partner wine merchant invites his customers to discover the different appellations of Saint-Emilion wines, during the Guebwiller Wine Fair. And like other any other day, he "speaks of Saint-Emilion, but also the satellites, such as Lussac and Puisseguin or the Grands Crus. I try to have a variety of styles to satisfy the customers to the maximum".

Saint-Emilion wines: 4 appellations for a variety of styles

The wine merchant wants to show diversity. Although the Saint-Emilion wines are dominated by Merlot, there are also blends which express the huge variety of terroirs and the expertise of the wine producers. If Guebwiller tourists go there to discover Alsacien wines, they are also aware of Saint-Emilion wines put forward by Christophe Wenck: "I think it is important that a lighthouse appellation such as Saint-Emilion be part of the fair to showcase its qualities and styles of modern much sought after wines".

For Christophe Wenck, to receive Saint-Emilion, is to dive into a vineyard with a millennial history. A historical dimension to which the Guebwiller wine merchant is sensitive to, he who lives in a town where the landscape and history are strongly marked by the same passion for the vine.

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