2016 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival: "Outstanding as the taste of Saint-Emilion Wine!"

2016 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival:

For Dominique Renard, the Festival's President: "This is a true love story."

This 5th edition of the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival (July 22nd to 24th, 2016) was simply "outstanding, as the taste of the Saint-Emilion wines". A great success with artists touched by the welcome and the, as always, many festival-goers.

The Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival: The love of music and wine

Sun, wine and music: it is the perfect fit for the success of the 2016 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival vintage. That is the conclusion of Dominique Renard, President of the festival. This Saint-Emilion lover was able, once again, to mix music and wine. A clear parallel:

"In both cases we can speak of composition. For wine, we have a man who brings together all the elements you need and produces a bottle in which he adds his personality, creativity.

A musician uses the notes he assembles. Then the different musicians get together, form a group and create something. In both cases, it is a work!"

Dominique Renard, President of the festival

For this 5th edition, artists and festival-goers were able to taste the four appellations of Saint-Emilion, including 21 benchmark wines per day in the wine bar set in the heart of the Gaudet park.

And for this 2016 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival vintage, the essential has been conveyed: meet during concerts or informal times "with a bottle of Saint-Emilion, listening to music, talking together and sharing a moment". That's the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival.

The Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival, the artists greeted as friends

Dominique Renard smiles as a happy man. The artists felt at home: "I think Jean-Pierre Como said it all. In his long career, he had never been welcomed like that. I think it's a little speciality of this festival. "

Throughout the Festival, the volunteers, the Festival team and winemakers were full of friendliness, which allows artists to approach the public naturally. The concert venues, the palpable intimacy and the quality of the programs gave the La to this 2016 vintage. For at the festival, the artists speak "with their heart", smiles Dominique Renard:

"If music still has the power to bring a little humanity in the human heart, there is still hope. Culture in general and music in particular, can bring a little happiness".

Dominique Renard.

A happiness shared with over 15 000 visitors welcomed during three days in the medieval city. The shows have also once again lived up to expectations. Starting with the opening of the Festival by the slap genius, jazz-funk bassist Marcus Miller in the heart of Guadet park. Followed the next day by Tom Ibarra Quartet, Get7 Brass Band and Electro Deluxe! The intimacy of the hall of Dominicans allowed for two unusual concerts by the septet of Jean-Pierre Como and acoustic guitar of Faada Freddy. A total of 14 concerts were heard in the village besides the animations and Musical Tasting at the Cheval Blanc, headed by the trumpeter Stephane Belmondo.


The Saint-Emilion Festival 2016 was a great year, looking forward to the 2017 vintage!

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