The Belgians, greatest lovers of Saint-Emilion wines?

The Belgians, greatest lovers of Saint-Emilion wines?

During the 2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip, the Belgians proved they knew about Merlot.

During the 2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip, the Belgians proved they knew about Merlot. During 2017 Bruxelles Les Bains, the Saint-Emilion winemakers’ vintage truck saw a lot of enthusiasts for their wines. The number 1 is undoubtedly Alain Van Gorp, member of a tasting club.

Belgium and the Saint-Emilion wines

Leaning on the truck of the Saint-Emilion Wine Trip, Alain Van Gorp says: "I cannot really be objective, it's a region I love above all". Member of a tasting club, the Belgian is a great connoisseur of the Saint-Emilion wines. A passion not just lived at a distance. Since 1994, he has been going "as often as possible" to the right bank of Bordeaux. That's two or three trips a year. The revelation came after a night spent at a Saint-Emilion winemaker’s: "he made me love the region". Since then, his trips to Saint-Emilion are as many stories of wine as of friendship:

"I was lucky enough to know Abdou, who was an unmissable personality of Saint-Emilion and who owns the restaurant La Cadène. He arranged for me to meet all the friends he had. After going there a few times, it feels like home. That's Saint-Emilion".

Belgian Chocolates against Saint-Emilion wines

So, are the Belgians the greatest wine tasters of Saint-Emilion? Alain Van Gorp says in any case that, "the most beautiful cellars are in Belgium". Not at his home: "I do not allow the bottles to age, I drink them quickly with friends and I often go back to Saint-Emilion to buy some more".

When he goes to the Medieval City, he never comes empty-handed. In his car boot, he brings Belgian chocolate and beer. In the other direction, he leaves with bottles of wine. Gifts that speak volumes about what brings Belgium closer to Saint-Emilion:

"It's the taste for good things! We like good food and in Saint-Emilion there are fantastic restaurants. So, we combine good cuisine with wines that we like very much”.

Every time he drinks a glass of Saint-Emilion wine, Alain Van Gorp recalls many memories: "It's not the label I’m interested in. I like the emotion it gives me".

When he knew that the truck of the 2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip was going through Brussels, missing it was out of the question. "When I cannot be in Saint-Emilion and I see an opportunity like this, I take advantage of it", he smiles. With bonhomie, Alain Van Gorp then embarked on a long conversation with the winemakers. It is about memorable tastings, anecdotes and sharing moments.

Enough to expand his friends network and wait until his next trip to Saint-Emilion!

To relive the 2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip in Brussels Les Bains.

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