2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip, the truck is back on the road!

2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip, the truck is back on the road!

After the success of the 2016 tour, the Saint-Emilion winemakers’ vintage truck is back on the roads of France and Belgium.

After the success of the 2016 tour, the Saint-Emilion winemakers’ vintage truck is back on the roads of France and Belgium. From Gironde to Paris via Brittany and Brussels, discover what the redesigned Citroën HY has to offer this year. A clue? There will be tastings, conviviality and associated wine merchants.

The 2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip stages

This year, the Saint-Emilion Wine Trip takes place from May to October. Seven stages are on the program. It all starts on 11th May in Bordeaux at the I.boat and ends between the 13th and 15th October at the Montmartre Harvest FestivalMeanwhile, the truck will have crossed France and Belgium. Among the major events are:

• The 2017 ODP Festival, in Talence (Gironde), from 3rd to 5th June.

This is one of the great successes of last year. The 2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip returns to this music festival for 3 days of sharing and conviviality.

• The 2017 Bay Week in Vannes, from 22nd to 28th May

On the occasion of this great maritime festival, a barrel will take to the sea, from Saint-Emilion to Vannes. Throughout the week, this barrel will take centre stage in turn at the Saint-Emilion wine bar and the winemakers’ truck, opposite the tourist office of Vannes. There will be a selection of 42 wines. Tastings highlighting the Saint-Emilion wines will also be organized in partnership with the restauranteurs and wine merchants of Vannes.

• The 2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip in Belgium

Several dates are planned in Belgium, one of the most Saint-Emilion wine-loving countries. On 25th June, the vintage truck will take part in the first edition of the BXL Tour in Brussels. On the 7th-9th July  and 14th-16th July, the Saint-Emilion winemakers will be waiting for you in Brussels les Bains. And on 11th July, you can taste the Saint-Emilion wines at the Louvain la Neuve market. 

The Saint-Emilion winemakers come to you

We won’t change a concept that everyone likes! In 2016, many of you took part in the Saint-Emilion Wine Trip. So, in 2017 the principle remains the same. Based on the food-truck model, a vintage truck comes to you in markets or at festivals. When you open the truck, a real wine bar appears. Behind the counter are a sommelier and winemakers, ready to guide you through a wide choice, as explained by Émilie Renard, Communication Manager of the Conseil des Vins de Saint-Emilion.

"I want people to have a unique experience with Saint-Emilion wines, to have a good time around the truck and to see that these wines are accessible. The winemakers are very open to discussion and ready to explain their trade with ease”.

At every stage, at the truck you can discover no less than 16 different wines, from the 4 Saint-Emilion appellations. Do you know them all? These are the AOC Saint-Emilion, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Lussac Saint-Emilion and Puisseguin Saint-Emilion. All these wines are sold by the glass and at a small price of 3, 4 or 5 euros.

Games, wine merchants and restauranteurs

As in 2016, the Saint-Emilion Wine Trip is complementary to the local wine merchants. They will be highlighted on the truck and on the website of the Saint-Emilion Wine Trip. When the winemakers are gone, you will be able to find the appellations you have loved!

While the vintage truck will be in your city, wine merchants will also receive a communication kit to highlight these wines in their shop. Their staff will also be able to come on the truck to train with the Saint-Emilion wines during 45-minute modules.

Finally, the wine merchants’ customers will be able to take part in a great contest, with nearly a hundred bottles of Saint- Emilion to win!

During the 2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip, visit the Saint-Emilion winemakers' truck and your favorite wine merchant!

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