2017 Gulf Week: the Saint-Emilion wines are partners!

2017 Gulf Week: the Saint-Emilion wines are partners!

During the 2017 Gulf Week, Saint-Emilion winemakers are on deck. In the port of Vannes, they will install a large wine bar from 23rd to 28th May.

From 22nd to 28th May, for the 2017 Gulf Week, more than a thousand boats gather on the waters of the Morbihan Gulf. The Saint-Emilion wines are partners of the event. You can find the Saint-Émilion winemakers around a large wine bar in the port of Vannes. You will also have the opportunity to sign a barrel marked with the seal of the Jurade. On 24th May, the Jurade de Saint-Emilion will also march through the streets of Vannes and carry out inductions.

42 wines from the Saint-Emilion appellations

During the 2017 Gulf Week, Saint-Émilion winemakers are on deck. In the port of Vannes (in front of the tourism office), they will install a large wine bar from 23rd to 28th May. In a convivial tent, you will find a wide selection of wines from the Saint-Emilion appellations. Saint-Emilion, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Puisseguin Saint-Emilion and Lussac Saint-Emilion: all wines will be available by the glass (3, 4 or 5 €) or bottle at the estate price. Right next door, you can taste wines in a more vintage ambience.

From 23rd to 28th May, the 2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip truck will stopover in Vannes. There, 42 different wines will be offered for a tasting. The first 21 will be offered from Tuesday to Thursday, and the other 21 from Friday to Sunday. Would you hesitate in front of such a diversity? You can ask for advice to help make your choice. Six winemakers will be available to answer your questions.

Every day, the wine bar and the truck will be open from 11 am until about 10 pm (or even later depending on the crowd).

The Saint-Emilion wines can also be found at the wine merchants and in the restaurants of Vannes. The restaurants will offer a glass of Saint-Émilion wines to their customers and have bottles for sale. The wine merchants will wear the colors of the Saint-Emilion wines and their shop will be highlighted on the truck of the 2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip. Here is the list of restaurants and wine cellar partners

A barrel marked with the seal of the Jurade de Saint-Emilion

If you go to the Saint-Emilion wine bar, you will see a beautiful oak barrel. It left Bordeaux on 16th May on a sailboat to participate in the 2017 Gulf Week.

The Saint-Emilion winemakers wanted to revive a piece of history that they have in common with Brittany. From the sixteenth century, the Breton taste for the wines of Aquitaine had been translated into regular exports from the port of Bordeaux. On board the sailboat, the Arawak, the barrel followed the old wine route.

In addition, the barrel exhibited in Vannes was marked with fire. Again, it's a nod to history. In the past, wine barrels were marked by the Jurade de Saint-Emilion before being marketed. This meant that the quality of the wine was certified. Throughout the week, you can see the barrel and its seal. Do not hesitate to sign it yourself!

A tribute to the monk Emilion

On Wednesday, 24th May, the inauguration ceremony of the 2017 Gulf Week will take place. The Jurats of Saint-Émilion will take the opportunity to salute the statue of the monk Emilion (Vierges street). It is indeed to this Vannetais monk that the medieval city of Saint-Emilion owes its name. This year, the Girondin village celebrates the 1250 years of the "Dies Natalis" of Emilion, that is to say, his ascension to the sky.

The 8 Jurats present for the occasion will then go to the wine bar (17:15 pm) before taking part in the official ceremonies aboard the Hydrograaf (a former steamship of the Dutch Navy). The Jurade de Saint-Emilion will then induct 5 personalities: David Robo (Mayor of Vannes), Aimé Kergueris (President of the Gulf Week Association), Gérard d'Aboville (Chairman of the Executive Board of Gulf Week), Roland Tabart (President of the Tourism Office of Vannes and Mayor of Arzon) and Louis Bodin (engineer-forecaster-meteorologist).


Note that you can participate in a competition at the wine bar. Slip a ballot into the ballot box and you may have the chance to win 95 bottles of Saint-Emilion wines!

See you soon at the wine bar of Saint-Emilion (port of Vannes, opposite the tourism office)!

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